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We are a collective of creative professionals. Our superpower is high-speed intellect + low-drag ego. We are lean and nimble. We get sh*t done!

* Branding, Design, Strategy * Events & installations (URL and IRL) * Photography * Styling

our current cohort

Nina Wishnok portrait

Nina Wishnok

Founder, Creative Director
Design & Brand Strategy

Nina gives shape to ideas and transforms knowledge into narratives.

Liz Abbate portrait

Liz Abbate

Creative Director
Graphic Design

Liz has a flair for writing killer headlines and creating odd color combinations.

Jennifer Sullivan

Jennifer Sullivan

Brand Experience
Interior Design

Everything is a story.

Jess Sousa

Jess Sousa


Jess designs experiences you won't soon forget, unless it's a wedding. Jess does not do weddings.



We help energize people and companies – crafting the right message, visuals, and experiences


Each one of us brings deep expertise and a wide network of professionals & creatives, ready to come together around unique projects


Branding & Strategy
Logos & Visual Identity Web Design
Print & Packaging
Digital & Deck Design
Video & Animation
Photography & Styling
Social Media
Event Planning & Design


We partner with like-minded creatives and organizations to

Branding: Journal of Climate Resilience & Climate Justice
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Interior Brand Graphics: Swissnex Cambridge
To help organize the open space of Swissnex's Cambridge site, we created a system of icons and large-scale graphics.
Visuals and Social Media: Aurelia Institute
The Aurelia Institute is a nonprofit architecture R&D lab, education and outreach center, and policy hub dedicated to building humanity’s future in space. The institute has a dual focus of space and Earth, with the goal of empowering life across extreme environments. Working with false-colored topographic imagery and translucency, we explored the relationship between micro- and macro-, organic and engineered.
Motion: MIT Media Lab Interstials
We created a suite of nine motion sculptures depicting the MIT Media Lab logo, comprising different materials—physical and digital—that showcase the creative processes at work at the Media Lab and celebrate its core value of experimentation in search of new solutions.
Direction and animation: Lucas Borras; Music: Jorge Ramirez-Escudero; Art construction: Alicia Guirao, Barbara Soto and Lucas Borras
Labor and Glean logoHilton LogoMIT Press logoMIT Media Lab logoJoDS logoMIT logoMIT EECS logoSwissnex logoAurelia LogoCCI logoTomten logoDay of AI logoUCI logoFutureMakers logo


Planny learned everything that’s important from common to do with gamification and the amazing Apple ecosystem.

tools & services
I'm using:


Blend of advanced signal processing.


General-purpose, multi paradigm, compiled to the last programming language which developed by Apple Inc

Voice Memos

Everything that’s important to recording fast.

Design Apps:
Final Cut Pro
Cinemagraph Pro

The Financial Wellness solution that helps saving


Quick and simple note taking. Notefile lets you make quick notes and sync them easily with all your devices.

client says:

«This is where problem solving meets visual impact. Uniting products and users, design and experiences. Design solving meets visual impact.»

John Robertson
CEO Digital Solutions


There’s no style over substance here. I bring together form and the function to create something that looks good.

Interior brand graphics: Swissnex Cambridge
Photo of Swissnex lobby
Branding: MIT Press Journal of Climate Resilience & Climate Justice
Images of business cards and web page
Visuals & Social Media: Aurelia Institute
Images of social media posts
MIT Press 60th Anniversary Microsite